A man according to the Heart of God is a man who seeks the face of God.

by Feb 14, 2023

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The Psalms have two main focuses: 1) exalt God, and 2) instruct man. All of us can see ourselves reflected in brokenness and we can also hold on to comfort and joy because these Psalms are not limited to time.

In the Psalms we see the exaltation and instruction for man, but we also see the emptiness that man has, when he says: “My God, my God that”, it is not said by a man who has the ability to fight for himself. The best way to see the glory of God is by seeing how little man is, and the Church has done it the other way around; many Churches today think that man should be exalted. Many say: “I go to Church when I’m well”, but you don’t go to the doctor when you’re better, man has convinced himself of his self-sufficiency, and the reality is that we are not self-sufficient. A man according to God’s heart is a man who seeks the face of God.
We are going to divide Psalm 24 into three sections and answer two questions:

Why do we seek the face of God?
Because there is nothing greater.

How do we have access to the face of God?
The answer is Christ.

Verses 1 and 2, these verses are going to answer why we should seek the face of God, God created everything, and who demands that we go up the mountain to meet him, and he determines the terms how we should worship him.
We see in verse 3 that worshiping God is impossible because God demands faithfulness, purity, and holiness. There is not a person who has this outside of Christ. The darkest place is the heart of man because it is the throne of sin, we have to understand that Church means: “Assembly of God”, and not everyone can dwell in the Assembly of God, he is the only one who can climb that mountain .

How can we seek the face of God, simple, it is Jesus, he is the only one who can climb that mountain and enter the holy place. “It is by virtue of the work of Christ that we have access to that mountain” in Psalm 24.
Let us remember that in Psalm 15 it begins with a question: who will dwell in your tabernacle and on your holy mountain? If you remember, David begins the Psalm in a different way. In Psalm 24 he begins to declare the greatness of God. In Psalm 19 it says: “The heavens tell of his Glory and the firmament announces the work of his hands”, the heavens are the canvas.

The only way to get to the mountain to get to the Father is through the Son.
God builds on indomitable, essential and sometimes chaotic things.
We must emphasize the majesty of the King and the greatness that is in him. In the first two verses it creates an insurmountable weight because it establishes that God is the Magnificent, the Creator, the Almighty.

We do not qualify, and David also does not comply with God’s command is he is not clean and much in his heart when he commits sin by lying down and committing adultery. The one who meets with a clean and pure heart is Christ.
The blessing is God, Matthew 5, and when we meet that face there is nothing more glorious than God.
The Christian does not save himself, our brother Bille Graham once said that God does the 99%, and man the 1%.

Sincerely, Pastor Jerry Deoleo.

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