We are a family, we are the body of Christ.

Learn about our history, and bases.

Our history

Our Cielios Abierto Church officially begins on January 12, 2016, under the Pastorate of Guillermo and Eunice Ayala, whom God chose for this wonderful work. With a background of more than 40 years of Christian life and more than 28 years of full-time service in the Lord’s work, they lead this dynamic congregation. Cielos Abiertos is a church that believes in the Unity of the Body of Christ, our Pastors being part of the Board of Directors of the Pastors Fellowship of Southwest Florida “Living Together in Harmony”, Collaborating with multiple ministries in Florida and in different parts of the nation and outside of it.


To be a Christian Church for the whole Family; biblically blessed and prosperous, in all areas of life.


Take the gospel everywhere and make disciples of Christ.


God wants to bless us more than we want to be blessed by him. He wants to give us lives of authentic abundance, and this is found in a living, deep and growing communion with him. So, the Christian life is about finding our purpose, meaning, and destiny in dependence on God; not by human might or power, but BY HIS SPIRIT.