“An Orderly Life”, Series: The Book of Proverbs.

by Jan 10, 2023

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The book of proverbs invites us to consider practical areas of our lives where God’s wisdom can shape us and change the way we live.

An orderly life is found in following the commandments of God

Our mothers teach us from a young age how to have an orderly life. Today God is going to change our life and improve it, it will not be rosy, nor lack of problems, it will be better because you have God in your heart to face your problems, you will have the Holy Spirit to give you the strength to when you lack to move on.

A well-ordered life brings you satisfaction, the Bible teaches us that there is something else and what are the most important priority things for you, for example, someone can say: “my family”, “God” or “my work” because if not work not eat There are different thoughts, but today we are going to see what the word teaches us since we are always busy for God.
God is a God of order, he taught us how he created the sky, the sun and saw that he was good, he also teaches us that we must rest. In 6 days the Lord created everything, and on the 7th he rested.

When we put God first in the things we do, we will have a full life.

What are your daily priorities? Where do you put all your strength? In proverbs he tells us that if we comply with his commandments we will have long life.
Your children will learn from watching you, the key to contentment is to follow the word of God.

To give rise to adultery if that will bring you bankruptcy, the Bible says husband of one wife, the bible gives instructions for all areas of life to get up, to go to work, the Bible says he who does not work not to eat.
God has called us to spend our time wisely in Ephesians.
He teaches us how we should make good use of time. Now that you have strength, work hard because the time will come when strength will not give you.
An orderly life starts by putting God first. Taking the word and practicing it day by day.

The importance of remembering and keeping his word
You don’t have to know the whole Bible, but the key passages should be in your mind and in your heart. Imagine that one goes out to drive and forgets all the road signs and there is a stop sign and this man continues driving because he forgot everything he studied. That’s how it is with the word in our life, the devil tempted Jesus very hard and Jesus answered him: written and left him inoperative.

Keeping the commandments of God is life or death, the secret of success is in the word of God. Many times we long for so many things and life goes by trying to achieve it and when you get it you realize that it is not what you want, in Proverbs it reminds us of the importance of remembering and keeping the word; and peace will come.

Put your priorities in order, what is more important your job or your family?

In Proverbs they say to the Lord: “May I give you riches so that you do not sin and have no need to steal, and have to fail in your name where my blessing has come from”, we have to be clear that Jesus Christ sustains us, He holds us in his hands and has given us promises, such as: I will never leave you nor forsake you, in my right hand you will be safe. So why should we mistrust God? It’s that if I don’t work 7 days it’s not enough for me, it’s not enough for you because you put yourself many tasks and many commitments.

If Scripture teaches us anything, it is how to prioritize the Lord, material things and Mr. Dollar in its place on the sole of our feet, not ruling our lives.
In verse 8 he speaks: “Feed me with the food that is necessary for me, keep me with the necessary bread”, and Jesus is our daily bread.
How can you order your day? Giving the first thing of your day to God. Jesus is the answer, with a prayer you will see that even if problems come you will be able to cope because without a doubt God will help you.

Pastor Guillermo Ayala

Proverbs 1:1-7
Proverbs 3:1-2
Ephesians 5:15-17
Proverb 30: 7-8


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