Applying God’s Wisdom in our relationships

by Jan 30, 2023

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We all have people with whom we relate, God has given us people to relate to and for those who are married; the most important relationship is with God, and then your spouse that God gave you and you chose. Then there are the children, the mother-in-law, and then there are the friends, and there are also people who are difficult for us to love or relate to.

  1. Relationships are a gift from God.

The Church is a gift from God to the Pastor, I can learn from you and I can share what God has given me, our relationships must be based primarily on our relationship with God in the book of Proverbs we saw that putting our lives in hand and trust in God is the most important thing. The scripture says: “That the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God in such a way that relationships are based on the relationship that I have with God.”
Your relationship with God is the most important for your life, Jesus is the gift for our lives, he came to die for you is the gift of salvation.
The scripture says: “Trust with all your heart, sometimes sight can deceive us or people appear to be what they are not.” God did not create man to be isolated, since he created the first man and said “it is not good for man to be alone, therefore I will make a help meet for him” and he created Eve.

2) Wise Relationships Are Oriented Around God

Wise relationships are oriented around God, you are going to make yourself known that you are a child of God or you are going to act like the people of the world.
The world tries to get us out of the relationship with God and makes us believe that, for example, having relationships before marriage is fine and that is not good, our relationships are a gift and must be based on God, and many times we leave God on one side to be able to relate to another person who does not want to know anything about God or in our secular work, however, God always goes with us because he is in us, if your friends do not like you because you are a Christian, those who lose are they to have you as a person who will be a blessing to their life.
God is going to give you the discernment to be able to help because Jesus cares about each person, and if you don’t know, tell that person: “I don’t know, but I know someone who can help them, it’s Jesus Christ.”
When one gets married and does not share the same faith, that is when the problems begin, but when they share the same faith they unite and are stronger to be able to solve each problem always asking God to help them.

3) Wisdom in our relationships is receiving and giving advice.

The book of Proverbs teaches us wisdom, the Bible teaches us not to be angry because you are going to learn to be angry.
Grandma used to say that someone who walks among the honey something sticks to it, but the Bible teaches that if you hang out with wise people, a little of that person’s wisdom will rub off on you.
We all need to have people who will help us grow, that’s why you come to study leadership to learn. God is going to put people who are going to guide you, lead and when they give us advice we must be willing to receive it, the scripture tells us not to be wise in your own understanding. Sometimes there are mothers who are overprotective of their children and do not realize that they are hurting the child, and when they are older they do not know how to defend themselves and they go to their mothers all the time and that is a problem.
The problem of the human being is not to recognize our mistakes, but we are teachers to see the mistakes of others.
I as a Pastor cannot force you to do anything, but if you receive the advice and apply it, you will do well and that does not mean that it will be easy for you, and I have realized that Christians at work tolerate a lot but in the Church if something happens we get angry and leave the Church. We are bad in relationships, that’s why Proverbs teaches us so much about relationships, the most important problem is that we are so sensitive, sentimental and we should know that we should receive advice and know how to give it too.
Who can you ask for advice? Who is financially bankrupt or who is doing well? Choose your friends wisely and if you don’t have them ask God.
The bible says: “he who wants a friend must show himself to be a friend, when they tell you the truth it is uncomfortable, but it is necessary”.
Iron sharpens iron, and so a friend sharpens.

4) Wise relationships demonstrate commitment.

The bible tells us never abandon a friend, it is a unilateral matter, I do not agree that parents are only friends with their children because a father has authority over them.
We must help each other, those friends that you made in youth and keep through the years and they know your shortcomings, your mistakes and still support you.
May we be a blessing to our friends in the most difficult times and when you find people like this, take care of them.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.
Proverbs 27:1-24
Proverb 3:5-6


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