Applying God’s Wisdom to Anger

by Feb 7, 2023

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Today we are going to talk about anger, there are things that make us angry, for example: it makes me angry when a person wants to overtake a car that violates the laws, but we have to learn to drive it; There are 4 types of temperaments, these are: melancholic, phlegmatic, choleric or sanguine, the one that gets the most angry is the choleric (strong character).
Anger is an emotion that we all work with, and we are going to see how to apply wisdom to anger. Anger is destructive and if we don’t know how to control it, it can cause a very big disaster.

1 Anger instead of building, destroys.

In the Bible it tells us that it is better to take time to get angry, let’s not be quick to get angry, but the one who gives quick to anger; there is problem there. It also says: if you get angry, don’t let yourself be dragged into sin, when anger is great and we don’t discard it, it leads you to sin.
When you get angry, the best version of you doesn’t come out, but the carnal version. In Galatians he tells us about sexual immorality and lawsuits, dissensions and discord, these are works of the flesh.

The fruit of the Spirit is love and then it says peace, goodness, kindness, meekness, and then it says self-control.
The scripture says: the good judgment of a man appeases his anger and his glory is to overlook an offense, there are many people who take things very seriously. Some people you have to treat with tweezers, you can’t tell them something because otherwise they will be offended. The Bible tells us that the sun does not go down under our anger, do not go to sleep angry without solving it.
Anger is contagious, destroys, divides, the Word tells us: “don’t spend too much time with the angry, with time you end up being like them”, because emotions are contagious, laughter is contagious, the Bible gives us the key and wisdom so that we do not fall into the pit of anger.
Wise people must know how to receive and give advice.

2) Learn with the help of the Holy Spirit to control your anger

Jesus also got angry when he got to the temple and saw what it had become, a market, a den of thieves, he started throwing everything away.
That is why it is very important that we are led by the Spirit and not in the desire of the flesh, we need the help of the Spirit. The Bible tells us: “I am your help and I will sustain you”, but the character is what we are going to modify with the help of God and correct, what we bring from the old man with the help of the Holy Spirit we will heal and we will be free from all anger .

You can’t choose your co-workers, but you can choose your friends. The Bible speaks to us: “that we take care with whom we walk because we will put our souls in danger”.
We have to learn to control anger and anger, the Lord tells us in the Bible: “if someone gets angry with his brother, he will be guilty.” The second commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself, and many times the flesh, the ego, pride come out and that is why we do not fix our problems and we lose a friendship or a relationship. The Lord speaks to us about forgiveness, the power of forgiveness heals wounds, it has the power to appease any situation that you and the other person are going through. Forgiveness is reconciling.

The Lord gives us this key, if you are angry with your brother he leaves your offering and go to reconcile, and then come to give your offering.
First we have to recognize that anger can lead our lives to doom and loneliness, we must be humble and quick to forgive. The prophet Jonah went with a message to Nineveh: “repent because the city will be destroyed”, Jonah did not want to give this message – he goes another way, but God takes him to his destination in Nineveh -, and he had to give the message . The King heard the message, and fasted all the people (even the animals), and what happened to Jonah? He got angry because he knew that God was going to forgive them, and the Lord said to him: “Jonah, why Why are you angry?”, and God allowed him to go through certain situations that he even wanted to die for.

God tells us today: “Son, stop anger, forgive and restore everything that is hurting you, so you can heal today.”

Pastor Guillermo Ayala

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