by Mar 4, 2024

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Brothers and sisters, each of us is part of a family. Our last name unites us and identifies us, but we know that not all families are perfect. However, God has placed us in a family both physically and spiritually. On a spiritual level, we are part of God’s family, the best family that exists on earth.

Each of us contributes something valuable to this family. When we come together, we celebrate our cultural diversity and share the love of Christ. We are a family that we choose to be in, because God has placed us here to be light in the world.

The Christian life requires being active and persevering. Trials strengthen us and help us grow in faith and patience. We must be quick to listen, slow to speak, and even slower to get angry. We must get rid of malice and impurity, and humbly receive the word of God.

Being an active member of God’s family means committing to the local church. We not only attend services, but also participate in service, discipleship, and spiritual development programs. God calls us to grow and serve with love and dedication.

As we join the family of God, we find spiritual nourishment, a sense of belonging, and opportunities to serve. God calls us to grow together as a body of believers, bringing his light to a world in need.

May each of us be an active and valued member of God’s family, carrying his love and his light wherever we go. May God bless us and guide us on this path of faith and service!

Pastor Guillermo Ayala

Bible Verse: James 1:1-22


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