Emmanuel God with us

by Dec 19, 2022

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In Isaiah the scripture tells us that a savior will be born of a virgin and will be called: “Emanuel”, which means God with us.
Jesus came to this earth to take our burdens and make us free from all sin, Jesus left his heavenly throne to be with each one of us.
The fulfillment of our life is not in our plans but in God’s plans, and to fulfill God’s dream. God made a very big commitment and said: “there is no way for man to save himself so I will send my son to die on a cross”, and that commitment was the greatest act of love, we should ask ourselves this question : Who are we willing to give up our children for people we don’t know and who often despise us? To think about the great love of our God.

In the midst of the recession this word arrived: that the Messiah, the Savior would arrive; the one who would save the world, our Lord came to end the problem of man; which is sin and death, those are the biggest problems that we as human beings face, we have many abilities given by God, what man sets out to achieve, but there is a problem, we cannot overcome sin or death.

We have to see that Jesus would be born of a Virgin, let us think how a virgin would conceive a child without having relations with a boy, it is something impossible, unheard of without precedent in history, this miracle engendered by the Holy Spirit in the Virgin Mary alone it could be so, and there we can understand “Emanuel God with us” without human intervention and only in this way the son that Mary conceives is Jesus, that is why he is the most extraordinary person, that is why Jesus was able to do the miracles that he did. The Father himself supports him by doing all the works to destroy all the works of the Devil. He came to destroy sickness, death and sin that is the problem of man.

Let us remember the story: Jesus meets a woman at a well and said to her: “woman give me a drink”, that was the excuse that Jesus used to get to the problem of this woman, which was acceptance, it was her problem in this life . And Jesus said to her: “woman, I have the water you need, and if you drink from it you will never thirst and you will never be the same again.”
That woman had an encounter with Jesus that changed her life forever and this is the God that you and I worship.

Let’s see these 3 points:

  1. The greatest asset that we can have on this earth is not the house, it is not the car, it is not the wife or her children -which are valuable-, Jesus is your most precious asset on this earth. In Jesus we can find true love in our lives.
    The one who has Jesus has everything, and the one who does not have God has nothing. God must be the most important thing in our life and we must recognize that without him we are nothing and we can do nothing, and we must be aware of this great truth. , Emmanuel God with us.
    God did not send an angel or an archangel, he himself in person came to inhabit, in person, the Word made flesh.

2. No one can fill you up and no one can fill you up like only God can.

God gives me everything good and perfect, only God gives us forgiveness, it is very important to feel forgiven and how important it is to be at peace with the Lord, do not look for treasures in people, much less in material things (today we have it and not tomorrow) put your trust in the one who can fill our life. Only Jesus can love you as only he knows how to do.

3. Only Emmanuel can bring satisfaction in life

Only Jesus gives us hope, he is the source of life, light and our guide. If you follow Jesus he leads you on a straight path and I encourage you to seek the source of life. Jesus is going to make you a happy person, full of joy because the Lord is the source of life.

When your soul expects good, you are in a right relationship with God because God is a good and merciful God. The Lord is with us in spirit and in truth when we stand before him and see his face, that will be wonderful, every day we are closer to our redemption from our creator

Pastor: Guillermo Ayala

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