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Luke 18:27.
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What is impossible for men is possible for God. It is impressive how science has advanced, man has an enormous capacity given by God, but we have limitations. God created us in the image and likeness and gave us exceptional gifts, but we must admit that we have a limit. There are things that man cannot control like hurricanes or earthquakes, but we have to understand that there is only one Almighty God who made the heavens and the earth. As humans, we have to understand what we cannot do, God can.
1 In the book of Exodus we see how Israel was enslaved in Egypt. 400 years of slavery under the rule of Egypt, but it says that the people cried out to the Lord and God raised Moses, God said to him: “what do you have in your hand?, he said: a rod and God said: with that rod you will see my miracles and my power throughout the entire nation of Egypt. In such a way that the Lord delivers Israel from Egypt. The 10 plagues was a great display of God’s power to deliver his people. God always took care of them and guided them in the desert, dressed them and shod them. God tested his people before blessing them and giving them the promised land.
The God of the impossible can make barren or elderly women have children. For example Sarah 2 Abraham’s wife could not have children, but God allows her to have a son in her old age, and Sarah becomes a mother of nations. 3 Another woman is Ana who got up and went to the temple and there she left everything that embittered her and poured out her soul before the Lord and made a vow before the Lord, and said to him: if you give me a son that son will be yours and God gave him a son. Ana complied with God and her son was the Prophet Samuel, we also have 4 Elizabeth who is the mother of John the Baptist and a relative of Mary, Elizabeth is another woman who has an elderly son. God is powerful to give life where there is none.

God sent ravens to feed Elijah, they brought him bread and meat and he drank water from the stream, then he sent him to Sidon so that a poor widow woman could support him, but this widow was obedient, she gave the first thing to the prophet. The Lord performs a miracle through the Prophet, and the little oil and flour she had was multiplied, and she was blessed to be able to pay all her debts. 5 That is the God that you and I have, let us have faith in the Almighty.
I have not told you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God, Jesus said to Martha before raising Lazarus, 6 Jesus had power even over death, that same power acts today through the Holy Spirit in his church.
7 God makes paths where there are none, and rivers flow where there is dryness. 8 God always keeps his promises, He is not a man to lie or a son of man to repent.

Pastor Guillermo Ayala

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