God sees you beyond appearances

by Feb 5, 2024

“But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.'” (1 Samuel 16:7)

When Samuel went to Jesse’s house to anoint one of his sons as the king of Israel, initially, the prophet observed Eliab and thought, “Surely the Lord’s anointed stands here before the Lord.”

Samuel, despite serving God excellently, thought that Eliab – being a person of good appearance – would be the suitable person for such a role. This kind of judgment is common in humans, but God works differently. God is capable of searching the heart, and He knows the potential within each one.

For God, the most important thing is a heart willing to be molded by Him. The Lord equips whom He chooses, and this is what happened with David. God rejected Eliab and chose the youngest son, “handsome, with a fine appearance.” Even being the least in the household, God equipped David day by day to be a great instrument in His hands.

Therefore, it is essential to have a heart willing to receive God’s instruction without worrying solely about appearances. Others may not recognize the real value in you, but God knows your worth. In His time, He will lift you up and equip you. This way, everyone will acknowledge what God has done in your life, and you will perceive how much you have grown thanks to God’s work.

The Lord sees the heart:

There are challenges that seem bigger than our ability to face them. Turn to God in prayer and keep your heart open to His instruction. He will equip you to overcome all challenges.

As we gain experience, we must keep our eyes and ears attentive to God. Let your experiences help you be more captivated by the Lord.

A heart always willing to learn is a life ready to grow in Christ. Remember that Jesus came into the world and served. Serve Him wholeheartedly and receive His training.

To pray:

Lord Jesus, I want to learn more about You. Do Your work in me. Perhaps I don’t have all the capabilities demanded of me, but I know that You equip those whom You choose. I want to grow under Your guidance. In the name of Jesus, amen.


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