God will fulfill his purpose in me.

by Nov 13, 2023

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As we journey through this life, let us remember that God fulfills his purpose in each of us in his perfect timing. It is essential to spend time on what is essential as life evolves and redefines its priorities. Solomon, in his wisdom, advises us not to rush, but to enjoy every precious moment, especially with our family.

In raising our children, teaching them the fear of God becomes a crucial task, and the best way to achieve this is through our own example. In a busy world, we often strive to provide material comforts, but the Bible reminds us that there is also a time to rest.

Remember that God has trained you for a specific purpose; Your gifts and talents are designed to illuminate your environment. When we give our desires to God, He takes care of blessing us abundantly.

God’s purposes surpass any plan we can make for ourselves. Living according to divine will will open doors, just as it did with the Red Sea. Although God will fulfill his purpose in our lives, it is essential to have dreams and desires. Marriage, conceived by God, encourages us to place our longings before Him, covering them with prayer and recognizing the gifts and talents He has given us according to His design.

In everything we undertake, let us remember to do it out of love, following the example of the Lord. By activating our faith, we connect with God’s purpose, finding satisfaction and being a blessing to others. Although fatigue assails us, let us not stop serving the Lord.

Put your life at the service of God, recognizing your limitations but remembering that He enables you. Remain faithful and perform your tasks with excellence for the Lord.

With love and blessings, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-14


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