Harmony between faith and science

by Jun 13, 2023

Science confirms what is written, Faith and science are not opposing disciplines. In many religious Churches if you take medicine it is a lack of Faith, and even in these times they continue in that thought.

The Lord not only created everything but he also sustains everything created, and everything created is perfect. The Sun, the Moon, the Earth and all life.

Can you believe in Science and in the Christian Faith?

During these last hundred years the struggle between Faith and Science has been in conflict, but there is a list of brilliant scientists who have agreed to believe in God:

  • Nicholas Copernicus proposed that the planet revolved around the Sun.
  • René Descartes creator of analytical geometries.
  • Marcos Faraday creator of electricity and magnetism.
  • Isaac Newton believed in the universe as in the Bible and said that the universe was created by something higher Intelligent and Mysterious. In his handwriting Jehovah the only God is signed.
  • Galileo Galilei is an astronomer and was persecuted for saying that the sun revolved around the world.
  • Johannes Kepler everything has a mathematical coincidence and rationality discovered the planetary movement.
  • Albert Einstein, a brilliant mind, said that God does not play dice, that God does not play at random.

All of these scientists and many others were either believers in or recognized a higher creative power and wanted to know more about God’s universe. Galileo Galilei said that God is by nature known by his works and by his doctrine in his revealed Word.

What am I on this earth for?

When I know what my purpose is in this life, every day I wake up with joy, with Faith beyond the weather. We were created to worship God with our entire being, that includes your thinking.

In Matthew he tells us: “You shall love God with all your heart and with all your mind”, it is important that we understand God and that produces fruits, and that we can understand who God is from.

God is not going to give you more tests than you can carry.

Science can purify Religion of error and false absolutes, each can bring you into a larger world where both can flourish. God is revealed in the Book of Scripture and in nature and to understand God we study both books.

May God raise up more people of science who glorify the name of our Lord. He is the Creator of the entire Universe, and the one who has given understanding to man.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala

psalm 104
Psalm 111:1-3
matthew 22


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