Honor for Mom and for the Lord.

by May 16, 2023

Honor for Mom and for the Lord.
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Today we thank God for all mothers as they are a blessing from God.
The heart of a Mother is very special, Jesus had a mother named Mary, a very special woman and Mary played a very important role. At her birth we see that angels arrived, wise men from the East who brought her presents, and Mary knew that Jesus would fulfill what is written and prophesied about him.

She kept all this in her heart. We also find mothers like Sara, mothers who struggled to have children at an advanced age. We also see mothers who are celebrating and grieving mothers who are doing everything possible for their children. Remember Moisés’s mother, her son was in danger and she put him in a basket, she took him to safety and when he walked away she felt her heart sink. , in means of tyrannical decrees. We find this in Exodus.

When we look at the book of Ruth; We found a nation in crisis, it was famine time. the people of Israel had forgotten the Lord and the work that he had done before for Israel, never forget what God has done for you because if he did it once, he will do it again because He is the almighty God and is in control of all things. The story of Rut and Naomi is one that also shows us the heart of a mother, who is always there for her family.

In 1 Samuel chapter 1 Hannah cried out to the Lord and poured out her soul because she couldn’t have children. With her heart in front of the altar, she prayed and said to the Lord: “if you give me a son, I will dedicate him to you so that he may serve you every day”, and God granted her heart’s request, mothers her children They belong to the Lord, do not forget that he gave it to you so that you can form it and so that they may be blessed people on this earth.

God gives Hannah a son, and after she weaned him she went to the house of the Lord. This baby was the Prophet Samuel, who was a boy at the time. Children are so loved that we do not want to let them go and we do not want them to leave and for us they will always be our little ones. One longs for them to continue the legacy of following in the Gospel, the Lord later blessed Ana with five more children that she was able to enjoy, she was able to raise and have.

The Prophet Samuel says in the writing that he was a man of God, a seer that the Lord revealed to him what was deep or hidden. It all started with a mother’s prayer, those prayers that you make for your children are not in vain, those prayers come before the throne of God. The Lord listens to his prayers because they come from the heart of a Mother.
Ana was then able to be released from that guilt, from that condemnation, from that despair that she felt because she was not a mother.

We must understand that women in those times served to do things around the house and raise children, teach the word of God, without this it was as if women had no purpose, that is why it was very important for women that they could have children, that way they could have offspring and that way the woman felt dignified.
Ana felt marginalized, when she was in bitterness and pain, God heard her prayer because she was genuine from the heart. God hears the prayer of those women who pour out their hearts for the life of a child.
Today I have come to tell you that God listens to the prayers of a sincere heart, God listens to the prayer of a genuine, transparent heart and pours himself out before God to ask for the Blessing of his generation.
Mother, don’t get tired of blessing your children. Those children are for the glory of God, they are going to serve and love you. Continue praying for their lives, at the least expected moment it will happen, you will see your children serving, delivered at the altar and declaring that Jesus is their Lord, for the Honor and Glory of our good God.
Mothers pray for the future spouse of your children. Receiving Jesus is the most important decision and then who you choose to share your whole life with. Look at the daughter-in-law that the Lord gave Ruth, where you go I will go, your people will be my people and your God will be my God. She said: “As the Lord lives, I will not leave you.”
Jesus honored his mother by intervening at that wedding where the wine had run out, Mary asked him to help them and by doing so he is also honoring God, how many times did our parents tell us when you are a mom or dad you will understand me? when you are young you do not understand it but when you have your children you understand it.
If you have your mother tell her how much you LOVE her, today there is no distance. In the Bible it tells us: “Honor your Father and your Mother”, when we come to Church and bring our offerings before God we are doing it in a tangible way, when you call your mother, not only tell her that you love her, also honor her with a material present or an offering for her, even once a year.
Mom trust, that purpose of God in the lives of your children will be fulfilled in the Name of Jesus.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

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