Instructing our Children in the Wisdom and Fear of the Lord

by Feb 21, 2023

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God blessed me with three children, and if you see gray hair in me; they are responsible but each one of them is worth it.
Everyone who cannot have children, we pray that God works a miracle. To which the Lord has allowed them to have children and be parents. Our main mission is to instruct the child in wisdom and fear of God. Children are reflections of parents.
It is the first chapter of proverbs where it reflects to King Solomon that God gave him wisdom from above to prosper and to reconcile situations, for example: when two mothers appear – and one of them with a dead son -, and they appear before the King saying: “The living son was one of the two”, and the King said: “if this is not solved here, they will cut the child in two”, and then the real mother told him: “no, do not cut him. Give it to her.” and there the King realized who the son was.
God can also give you that wisdom today as he gave it to Solomon, ask him for wisdom to instruct his son. A survey was done that says: 54% of Parents say they would like to know how to be a better parent and have more information. 58% say that it is motivating to be a Parent, and 69% feel terrified of being a Parent.
The teaching of a Father towards a Son.
A good Father is not enough just to be good, we have to sow seeds of wisdom in them. We see in the direction of the Proverbs passage that it is paternal, and God put us as a father and gives us the task whether we want it or not, we are teaching all the time, whether you speak or not, your example is serving as a teaching, we have to take the time to give the word of God to our children, and the first instruction tells us in Proverbs to encourage our children to listen and listen to us.
It’s good to watch movies, but more than that there has to be the word of God, because that is our mission. Children when they grow up and see how their parents dressed or combed their hair and said: how could my mom dress me like that or comb my hair like that? And now they dress as they want because they are young. Or in your stage of falling in love our work remains the same always. If he/she is dating, I have to teach him/her respect. We have to take care of our children from the influence they receive from school and from friends if they are not well grounded in the Word.
In proverbs he tells us instruct the child with the word and when he grows up he will not turn away.
Children have an ability to learn, and children measure to us how far they can go. Over time we become advisors to our children and say the word of the Lord; “The word never returns empty”, and if you have planted the word of God in your child, be sure that he will not stray from God, it is the hope that we have.

The presence of God is more important than anything else secular.
David was a wise man, and Jehovah is with him, that’s why when David played the harp before the King who is tormented, the demons fled because Jehovah was with him, David was the bearer of the Presence of God in that place and dear brother you It bears the presence of God.
Brothers, when we leave work, we spend time with our children; that is what remains in our memories. Don’t let the sadness of not having been able to enjoy your children for spending so much time working. If this is happening to you, it’s time to rectify.
Your children need your Presence.
Our goal for our children is that they know God, if we do not teach them the word of God, the world teaches them what is wrong and it is possible that they will be lost.
If we are here today it is because God has helped us, how much can you say that God has helped you. The son, if he hangs out with lazy people, that’s going to hit him, but if he walks with the wise, he’s wise.
It is important that in his House you meet once a week with his family to adore and give the Word to his Family. The real change starts at home. Correct parenting is knowing that the only one in total control is God.
Wisdom helps us to know that God is in control of everything and the Lord will accompany them and take care of them, and the presence of God will be telling them that this is not their place, we have to learn to rest in God and to trust him, you always show unconditional love to your children. God is so merciful to us that he always gives us his unconditional love and help. It is never too late to sow the word of God in them.
We don’t know what can happen in our life, but I have to be confident that God is in control of everything and with his help everything will work out.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

Proverbs 1:8-10
Proverbs 2:1-8
Proverb 22:6


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