Jesus is the only way to the Father.

by Jul 10, 2023

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Jesus affirmed in the word that He is the way, the truth and the life.
God has opened a door and it is through his son Jesus Christ to have fellowship with Him, and salvation is for everyone who seeks Him and puts their faith in Him.

Jesus freed us from death and sin, there is only one mediator between man and God, and it is Jesus Christ.
Why is Christianity unique? Evangelist Billy Graham responds that at the center of Christianity is the person of Jesus Christ and not religious norms.

Only Jesus is the central figure, when the person is saved by Jesus Christ his heart must turn away from other gods, and only God must be worshiped. Jesus is in hearts.

We must represent him as ambassadors of Christ, and put the name of Christ on high.
This world is in chaos but if you walk with Jesus he will guide you in his path, Christianity has contributed impacting with love for one another, equality and caring and watching over the most vulnerable.

We must proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to everyone we can, not only that but we must meet face to face with Jesus; It is the only path that transforms and changes lives.

In all religions they put conditions and works that you must do to receive salvation, in other words it depends on you but in Christianity it does not. Jesus did it all, He gave his life for you and me. That love is unique, and the cross reminds us that Jesus Christ opened the way for us to have a direct connection with God.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

  • Matthew 16:16
  • John 14:1-6
  • Acts 4:12
  • 1 Timothy 2:5


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