Leaving a Legacy

by Jan 17, 2023

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In perfection, loss or gain God will finish the work he started in you.
In Deuteronomy it tells us that Moses dies but there was a young man being ministered to by Moses, and that young man was Joshua, and that anointing that Moses had is deposited in Joshua.
God will always put people in your path to prepare you in your ministry and take you to another level. That way you can receive a blessing to bless, you came to leave a legacy to fulfill, a purpose, in Psalm 138:8 it says: “The Lord will fulfill his purpose in me”, remember that your purpose will also be to awaken the purpose of someone else, God wants you to mark someone with your legacy, and that person will follow the legacy that God deposited in you and you deposited in that person.
Everyone should worry about leaving their family well-being for when they are gone and so that they have a good future.
Many of us are working to leave material legacies, but the true legacy is God’s. The only legacy that remains in this life and the next is that of the Lord.

You will be in charge of making all the people who know you see what you are; a person who reflects God in this world.
In Ecclesiastes the word tells us that we come into this world naked and leave this world with nothing, even if you are the richest on this earth, but whoever dies in Christ leaves with life and glory, because true life is not here is when we die in the Lord, one day the Lord will say welcome to the joy of your Lord, the greatest joy of your existence you will have with the Lord.
Everything that God gives you is valuable because by grace we receive it and by grace we give, and that has to be our greatest satisfaction; giving to another.

That is why the Lord gives fruit to those who do not have it so that later you can sow it and bear fruit, that is why it means that everything God gives you is to bless another, that should be your greatest legacy and I am not just talking about money.
If you fulfill God’s purpose, you are vertical (you evangelize your family), and radical there will be nothing to stop you because the fruit of the spirit dwells in you. People confuse gifts of the Spirit with the fruit, the fruit of the spirit is developed every day, but the gift is what God gives.

When God gives you the Gift; it is instantaneous, and the fruit of the Spirit is progressive and manifested in 9 qualities: “joy, peace, kindness, temperance, faith, love, meekness and self-control, patience.” That has to be in a man who will leave a legacy for future generations.

The soft word appeases anger, and we have to demonstrate with our actions that God lives in you, with our family, at work or wherever you move.

In the book of Luke he tells us: “love your enemies and give to them”.

What is going to talk about you every day that you are not here?

In the book of Galatians he tells us: “that we do not get tired of doing good”.

When Moses dies Joshua takes the legacy, and Joshua had to tell the people: “I and my house will serve the Lord”
I hope that your generation continues with the legacy of God as Joshua did and that you can mark lives.
In Timothy he tells us about the true legacy. I hope that this legacy is fulfilled in your life, what you have you have to give to someone, and that person will remain firm, the greatest wealth of a person is not what they possess, it is what comes from God.

Pastor Humberto Sanchez

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