Much more abundant than we ask or understand

by Nov 1, 2022

Abundant grace, by the grace of the Lord we are saved.


There are two paths:

The path of grace that leads us to Jesus.

Road to hell.

The bible says that God’s desire is for everyone to repent in order to be saved from the wrath of God that is going to come on this world.

Romans 5:20

When sin abounded, God’s grace abounded all the more. What we can understand is that the grace of God he gives without measure. The grace of the Lord is an undeserved gift, the bible says that all of us deserved death because we were in crimes and sin, and our destiny was an eternity without Christ.

The wages of sin is death and separation, but from God is the gift of eternal life.

We cannot earn God’s grace by our works or by being good. God gave us that gift because of his immense kindness.

God chose us and you are special, if you have not recognized the Lord as your only Lord and savior, today is the day for you to come to terms with God.


When Christ saved you, you can no longer walk like the people of the world, Christ has already cleansed you and sanctified you, and if we make a mistake we will have an advocate who is Christ who is ample in forgiving.

We have to forgive in order to be forgiven, do you know how he knows when you have forgiven? When you see the person who hurt you and you don’t feel resentment or pain.

God is ample in forgiving but remember that if he sins everything has consequences.


People think that satisfaction comes when you buy a car, cell phone, house among other things. You can be rich and have everything but that does not give you satisfaction because you are empty inside and that emptiness can only be filled by Jesus.

We often feel dissatisfied with things we don’t have, but we have to learn to feel satisfied in God with what we do have.

In the bible it tells us in 2 Corinthians 12:10 that the Apostle Paul refers to how our problems were childish.

Paul in his anguish found joy in the Lord. If we could learn like Paul to be happy in abundance as well as in scarcity .


And the peace of God surpasses all understanding. And it will guard your heart and your thoughts.

When we ask the Lord to give me your peace, it is when the Lord gives you the armor so that no one can harm you.

In the book of John 14:27 it says my peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you, not as the world gives it.

His peace is permanent, we just have to learn to bring it into our lives, and not be afraid because the Lord is with you.

Peace does not mean absence of problem, but we can have peace and he will deliver you from all evil.


I have come to bring you life and abundant life.

Your life must be better than that of an unbeliever.

Seek the kingdom of the Lord and righteousness from him and everything else will be added. Matthew 6:6

For that you have to work, life consists of finding our purpose and understanding why I am here and knowing what he has for me and becoming the best person.

We have to show the life that God has given us.


To rejoice the bible says: a joyful heart beautifies the face, but let the Lord be the strength of it. psalm 16.11

1 Timothy 1:11 says: Blessed is happy. Because our God is happy, our God came to change the curse for a blessing.

The Lord came to change death for life, and our sadness into joy. He makes you laugh.

Psalm 28:7

Our God is joyful, everything he made is good.

How many times has God healed you and glorified himself? And Psalm 103 says: bless Jehovah, my soul, and do not forget any of his benefits.

Proverbs 17:22

“God is medicine for my bones.” When we worry and get stressed we start to get sick. We go to the doctor and he tells them: “you are fine”, but it is our heart that is sick and our soul that is overwhelmed, but that is why Jesus came, to give us joy and in abundance


Colossians 1:11 “Strengthened with all power”

The one who has all the power is our Lord Jesus Christ who overcame death and sin and all sickness on the cross of Calvary. When Christ rose he took all captivity with him, there is nothing the Lord cannot do.

God’s will is that I sanctify myself, obey him, and that obedience brings blessing, it will not be easy all the time, it can also cause tears, criticism from your friends, they may call you crazy, but obedience to God is what more rewarding

God’s will is pleasing and perfect.


Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

God bless you.


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