Our meaning to God

by Jul 12, 2022

Bible Text: Psalms 8:3-4

Our Meaning to God Christian Reflections by Charles Spurgeon

When I contemplate your skies, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you fixed there, I ask myself: «What is man, that you think of him? What is the human being, for you to take it into account?» PSALMS 8:3-4

Raise your eyes to the heavens and count the stars. Listen to the astronomer when he tells you that those little specks of light are powerful worlds, some of them infinitely superior to this world of ours and that millions and millions of such worlds shine in the sky and that perhaps all these millions that we can see are just a small corner, a small dune of the worlds that God has made, while throughout the limitless space there could be leagues of worlds, if the expression may be allowed, as innumerable as the sand that surrounds the coast of the deep.

And now, a man in a world how small! A man in the myriad worlds, a man in the universe, how insignificant! And here is love, that God loved such an insignificant creature so much. For what is God compared to the worlds, their number, and their probable extent in space? God is infinitely greater than all the ideas that we suggest with such comparisons. God himself is greater than all space.

No concept of greatness that has ever crossed the minds of the largest faculties would allow us to understand the greatness of God as he really is.
However, this great and glorious being, who fills all things and sustains them with his power, he deigns to look at us, not with his sorrow, keep this in mind, but with the love of his soul that is the essence of himself, because he is love. “This is what love is!”


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