Our words are powerful for better or for worse.

by Mar 7, 2023

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When we open our mouths, the scripture says: “that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” means that we are expressing what is within us. Your words have power, for example, when you tell a secret to a person, you are expecting that person to keep the secret, but what happens if this person does not keep the secret and is a good transmitter?, and you realize that what was a secret is no longer a secret, and that produces in any person: anger, disappointment and disappointment. Remember that bad words can destroy a person, and words can also encourage.

How powerful is the tongue and words

In the book of Santiago, he teaches us that the tongue is a small muscle, but it is difficult to control and he sets a great example, how the ship is big but its rudder is small, but nevertheless the rudder directs the ship and that is how powerful the language, so are gossip and social networks. We all struggle with the tongue. In Scripture he tells us that words are like a sword, and the tongue of the wise is medicine.
You have to be careful when speaking. In the word he tells us: “in the multitude of words there is no lack of sin”.

Beware of speaking false or deceitful words

The Bible tells us that with this same tongue that we bless God, we also curse others, sometimes hurtful words come out, out of place and the Lord tells us remove evil from your mouth. Notice that if you want to hurt someone it’s easy; he invents rumors, and this is defamation and does not please God.
There are some conversations that do not lead to anything and it is just a waste of time, we have to be selective of the conversations, we must separate ourselves and move away from the perversity in our mouth. The scripture tells us that you join wise, so wise you will be.
People who criticize others behind their backs tend to be unhappy and are at high risk of depression. They do not have the ability to self-examine, this situation is not healthy at all because it is contamination, and Satan is the father of lies and deceit, as we have seen in scripture. When satan distorted the Scriptures he said to Jesus: “Launch yourself and may God send Angels so that your feet do not stumble on a stone”, but Jesus answered him correctly: “It is also written, you shall not tempt the Lord your God”

At dawn each day we have to start decreeing what God wants for my life: “Today I will rejoice because I am confident in you” I don’t care if it is gray, sunny or snowing, I have life and health, thank God I have food and clothes.
We all have virtues and defects, that is why the Bible says to restore the one who is fallen with a Spirit of meekness, lest you find yourself in the same temptation. We better ask God to change us and to be people who build.

Choose to speak word of life

If I speak the word of life I will reap a blessing, but if I speak bad words I will also reap a curse, I have to decide and choose to speak words of blessing to reap good fruits and be blessed. Remember that your tongue is an instrument of blessing and building, you should not use it for another purpose. God is aware of what you speak day by day, and the Holy Spirit is saddened when you speak unedifying things, remember that God wants to bless you but in order to be blessed you must first believe and confess about your life but also about your family, friends, do not forget that even enemies must be blessed.
I am called to be a blessing heir therefore I will restrain my tongue and speak words of blessing.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

  • Proverbs 4:20-27
  • Proverbs 12:18
  • James 3:1-10
  • Matthew 12:36
  • Proverbs 18:21


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