Renewed to Impact: A Renewed Mind Today

by Jan 22, 2024

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In Exodus 13, the principle is established that the firstborn belongs to the Lord, reminding us that the first is for God. This concept applies to the first minutes of our day, which we should consecrate to God every morning. Often, we rise considering this as something normal, but in reality, God is calling us to prioritize it, giving the first of our time, salary, and even our children.

Gratitude for God’s deliverance from death in our sins should be constant. Every Sunday becomes a celebration of the life God has given us and the restoration we have experienced. Let’s establish Sunday as a day of firstfruits, bringing a special offering as a testimony of our gratitude, seeking that the Word of God impacts our lives with salvation, healing, restoration, and conviction of sin.

God deserves the first and the best; give Him precisely that, the first and the best of your life.

The passage from Matthew 6 guides us on how to handle our possessions and concerns. The instruction is clear: do not worry about life or material things, trusting in divine provision. Do not store up treasures on earth because all material things are temporary; everything earthly will come to an end. Choosing to serve God instead of serving money is fundamental to maintaining a spiritual perspective on our possessions. Do not let money be your master; do not allow material possessions to rule and dominate you.

Seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness becomes the key to living without anxieties, to live confidently in Him. Instead of worrying about tomorrow, let us trust that God, who takes care of the birds and the flowers, will also take care of us; therefore, prioritize His Kingdom. Put Him, His work, His commandments as a priority in our lives.

Coming to church faithfully on Sundays, tithing and offering regularly, serving in a ministry, putting my gifts in the service of God should be a priority in your life; if they are not, you must examine who comes first in your life.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and these things (food, drink, clothing) will be added to you. God will take care of your basic needs; note that it does not say He will make you rich, but He will take care of you, He will sustain you.

The final exhortation invites us not to be distressed about material possessions but to seek God in all areas of our lives. Let’s surrender our concerns and lives to Him, trusting in His care and provision.

Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

Matthew 6:19-33

Exodus 13:9-10


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