Sons and Heirs of God through Christ

by May 8, 2023

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The word of God always has advice and direction, the word of God has that peculiarity; it is sharper than the double-edged sword and penetrates to the depths of our hearts. Also the word of God is like a mirror where we can see our condition and the need we have for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Family is a blessing from God. We love our children beyond their imperfections, their mistakes, we were also children and we were also teenagers. Teenagers are constantly changing.

The blessing of being a child of God, in the first place, we did not deserve it, we are not even from the people of Israel as the writing of the Jews says that Jesus was born in Israel and through him the nation of Israel will be saved.
I want to use Ben-Hur as an illustration, who was a rich Jewish merchant who ends up a prisoner on a Roman slave ship. He imagines himself with that economic position and accustomed to the good things that this standard of living can give him, but he ends up on a ship as a Roman slave. While he is on the ship, he saves the captain of the ship, Arrius and it turns out that this captain is a powerful Roman and out of gratitude that he had saved him, he frees him and adopts him, gives him his ring and by giving him the ring, gives him the right to has a a family member and now roman. So Paul talks to us about the concept of adoption, we were adopted through Christ..

When Paul tells us about the lack of obedience; Instead of doing what we are told not to do, Paul shows us that this lack of obedience leads us to Jesus. It is very important that you know who are you? You are a child of God and you are an heir of God through Christ. The term redeem is a legal term. We were slaves and Jesus paid the price for us and now we are free, he paid with his life and blood, we have to love God not for what he does but for what he is, and how can we not love him if he has given us all.

The gospel brings us home like a loving father

I want you to understand that our Heavenly Father is the Father of all things that exist, that he is your Father and my Father is a loving God. God is a God full of love although he is also a consuming fire. The fire is also to purify us and there we also see the love of God, God has a wonderful plan with each one of us and he loves us with such a great love that he gave his Son for us.
The Gospel of Christ takes us to a home, that is why we call ourselves brothers, because we are members of the Lord’s family and we have been adopted, we have been placed in the home and in the largest family on earth, the family of Jesus . The family that has been redeemed by the blood of Christ. There is always room in God’s house for you, and for me.

In our Cielos Abiertas Church these doors are open to all those who want to come to seek God or come to hear a message of hope and love, a message that lifts up and revitalizes people and only through the Gospel can we do that. So he takes us to his home, in eternity we also have a home that he has prepared for us, nothing made by human hands.

It is important that we know that we were not children, legally we were not. We were children of disobedience and far from God. The children listened to the voice of their Father and recognized it. God has brought us to his house and has adopted us, he simply freed us, he paid the price for our liberation and we were already free but he not only freed us, but he adopted us as part of his family.

We are no longer slaves, neither of satan nor of fear, we are children of God and heirs with Christ Jesus for the glory of God.
The boy who doesn’t have a home as he is called? Orphan, whether his parents died or abandoned him, he is parentless, but the orphan here was us and God adopted us, the lost has been found. There is a party in heaven when someone says: “I receive you as my Lord and my Savior”, it is then when the lost has been found, there is a party because what was lost found Jesus, the Shepherd of Shepherds found the source of salvation.

The orphan has been adopted, the lost has been found.
The Bible tells us that we should pray for those orphans who are lost and like sheep without a Shepherd. The Aramaic word that Paul uses, says: “Abba Father”, refers to an affectionate childish word towards the father or we could say something like “daddy” in that new loving relationship with God, a family relationship of endearing love, a love eternal. Before the foundation of the world God had loved you, he is not a distant God, we can get closer without fear.

The Bible tells us that even we, being bad, know how to give good things to your children, how much more will our heavenly Father give us good things? How many know that we constantly fail and sin?

Jesus does not teach a prayer that says the following:
“Our Father who art in heaven”, there we see that a God closer than in the old testament, we also see in Jesus’ prayer that there is forgiveness. If you recognize your condition, he is not going to close that door and he receives you as you come.
Imagine that we say to the addict: “Not until you’re clean he doesn’t come in here.” No brother, let him come, let him receive Christ and here God will free him from alcohol. Later he will testify that he was an alcoholic but God set him free, he healed him.

We can adore God with our prayers and our praises, with our testimony, thus we rejoice the heart of God. “Abba Father” also means trust, love and security. Rest assured that if you come to God with the right attitude you will be welcome. Children never doubt the arms of their Parents.

Sometimes it has happened to us that a child comes and hits us, then he goes and hides behind his father because that way he feels safe. This is how we feel with God, because we are trusting in God. I always say that you should never forget where God got you from, and where your blessing comes from.

True success is when you know that everything you have you owe to God, dedicate everything you possess to Him. We have legal rights by the mere fact of being adopted and being children of God.

Jesus said, “If you love me and abide in me, ask anything and it will be done.” In the old testament he says: “ask of me and I will give you as an inheritance to the nations”. Today the Lord tells you: “son, I am with you, not against you, do not worry and I am here to watch over you and I am as a loving father, do not trust in your own strength or in the things that the world can give you; those are passing things. Trust in my powerful hand, and our refuge in times of trial and in the midst of tribulation “.
If the Lord disciplines you, it is so that you are a good son and that you can respond appropriately. The same enemy knows that God has you surrounded and God’s grace is on your life and he can’t do anything to you. God is the one who goes before us and the hosts of the enemy tremble for that. Make sure that the Presence of God goes with you, love him with all your heart and walk all the time in communion with God.

Do you remember when Jesus was baptized and heard a voice from heaven that said: “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” In Ephesians the Lord tells us that he has already blessed us with all the blessings in heavenly places, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have everything you ask for, he is all you need to live here and in eternal life.
The Lord Jesus tells you: “I will not leave you orphans, and I will come to you” How many believers live without the conviction that God is there for them and live trusting in their own strength and abilities.

When we have a loving father who has adopted us into his home and has told us, ask me for anything and I will give it to him, ask wisely and he will give it to you because he only knows how to give his children good things. Our Heavenly Father has no evil.

With Christ I am crucified together, I no longer live but Christ lives in me and what I now live in the flesh I live in the Faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave himself up for me.

God bless you

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

  • Galatians 4:1-7
  • John 14:18
  • Galatians 2:20


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