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by Oct 10, 2023

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We talked about the end of a series that addressed the return of the people of Israel from the Babylonian captivity, which lasted approximately 70 years. We highlight how in that time, several generations experienced significant changes. The return of the people was led mainly by Ezra, who restored worship in the Temple of Jerusalem, and Nehemiah, charged with rebuilding the city walls for its protection. These reforms encompassed both the material and the spiritual.

However, despite the material reforms and the restoration of Temple worship, something was still missing in the hearts of the people. Despite having witnessed miracles and divine signs, such as the plagues, there was no genuine change in their hearts. Sometimes we see miracles and signs from God, but true change in heart can only be the work of Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

We emphasize the need for heart change to be the work of Christ Jesus and not simply a response to external events. We recognize that no one can claim to have lived a sinless life, as we have all made mistakes at some point. It is crucial to understand the importance of Jesus Christ’s work for the redemption of sins and how his sacrifice allows people to find true spiritual satisfaction.

A powerful example is the testimony of the famous motorcyclist Evel Knievel who, despite being successful in the material world with luxurious cars such as Rolls Royce, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and airplanes, felt empty inside. However, when this motorcyclist encountered Jesus Christ, he experienced an inner transformation that filled that void in his life. We highlight that many famous people, including singers and actors, have had similar encounters with Jesus Christ and have found a light in the midst of the darkness of their industries. Faith in Christ can deeply transform people and fill the void that material possessions cannot fill.

We explore the book of Luke, where Jesus has a conversation with Elijah and Moses about his departure, which refers to the upcoming exodus that is about to occur in people’s lives as they receive Jesus Christ. We relate this departure with the idea of leaving the world of darkness and entering the world of light and love of Jesus Christ.

We also address life expectancy on Earth, mentioning that the Bible says it is 70 years, or 80 if one is robust. We recognize the importance of maintaining health and mobility in old age. We emphasize that blessing and success are found by receiving Jesus in life, and how this experience is like a new exodus towards a better and brighter life.

We emphasize the importance of eternal life and knowing God and having Jesus Christ at the center of life. We emphasize that success is not about material possessions, titles or annual income, but about having eternal life assured with God. We emphasize that the greatest miracle that Jesus can do in a person’s life is salvation. We wonder how many people are sure that if they died now, they would be with Christ in eternity.

We ponder how in the world there is often a wrong perception of success, focused on material things, while true success lies in having a relationship with God. We mention the parable of the rich man and Lazarus as a warning about the consequences of living without Christ and the importance of seeking God while we are alive.

Finally, we conclude by highlighting that salvation is the key element and that good works are not necessary to obtain it, but are additional rewards in the Christian life. We emphasize that success in the church should not be based on numbers or worldly parameters, but on fulfilling God’s call. We affirm that the church is not large in numbers, but continues to serve faithfully and will continue to preach the Gospel regardless of financial circumstances. We commit to working and praying for God to bring more souls to his church.

Additionally, we highlight Jesus’ victory over Satan and how He defeated the enemy and took away all his power. We explain that this victory is shared with believers and that, through Christ, followers have authority over demons and can perform powerful works in the name of Jesus.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

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