The Grace of God and our responsibilities.

by Nov 22, 2022

By Pastor David Gold
Reading time: 3 Minutes.
1 John 2: 28-29.

“28 And now, little children, abide in him, so that when he appears, we may have confidence, so that at his coming we may not turn away from him in shame. 29 If you know that he is righteous, know also that everyone who does justice is born of him.”

In marriage there is a commandment for us to love each other, and it is our job as spouses but it should not only be our job but it should also be a delight to love the other person.

It is our duty to love God, and it should also be our delight to love him for his mercy and grace. Understand that we also have responsibilities in response to that mercy and grace.

As God’s beloved children we are responsible to abide in Jesus and long for his return. The word “dwell” means: “to be in Jesus, to remain”. It is an active action as it is also passive. The active way is: follow him at all times, and the passive way: is that he is in your heart. We must consistently stay in it, and cooperate with it to do everything in it.

We must live with him so as not to depend on our forces but on his forces, we must be people who must be drinking from the source of living water so as not to be defeated. He is the King, and we are his servants and therefore we must surrender to him.

It is an order to dwell in Jesus, and if we dwell in him we will have many fruits because we will speak like him, we will walk like him and we will also obey like him. Understanding that Jesus will return for his beloved children that we are all those who follow the mandates of God the Father.

This leads us to ask ourselves: Does your heart long for the return of Jesus?

We do not like to render accounts as human beings, and these are symptoms that we are living in him because in Jesus we must constantly render an account of what we do with what he has given us on this earth.

We must understand that Jesus in his first coming came as a Savior but in his second coming he will come as a righteous King and will come to judge. It is necessary to understand that by remaining in it there will be no tribulation that will come to us on that day so awaited by his children.

As God’s people we must reflect his majesty here on earth, understanding that we are not good people and this world is not good, but that his grace cleanses us and helps guide us every day in this world to take his word further. This is also a responsibility we have towards our God.

Let us remember that we have been rescued from darkness by his grace and not because we are good but because Jesus is good and wants the best for us and our family.

Remember that as children of God we have responsibilities for the great things he has done in our lives, day by day we must remember him as our King and Savior and also as our Father who wants the best for us. Seek his presence and also make sure that your family knows who your Savior is with your daily actions.

John 15:5-6.
Romans 8:1-2.


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