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Everything in life has a cost. When you go to the supermarket for food you cannot leave without paying because that merchandise has a value. The benefit for others is obtained through a price that is paid. Let us see how this is manifested in the Holy Scriptures:

1 Benjamin’s birth was at the cost of his mother Rachel’s life. Rachel is Jacob’s wife, and after Benjamin is born Rachel dies. Benjamin was Jacob’s youngest son and was part of the twelve tribes of Israel. From the tribe of Benjamin came King Saul and for Benjamin to be born he had to pay a high price: the life of his mother. The seed must fall to the ground and being in the ground it will be able to germinate to bear fruit. The seed must die to itself in order to give birth to these fruits. We have to let something die every day: old nature that is rebelling against God, and we must give birth to the works that God prepared beforehand. The Bible says that we must bear fruit of repentance.

2 Joseph’s suffering was the cost of later blessings for his brothers and an entire nation so that they would not starve. God is behind this whole plan. The brothers had evil plans for Joseph, but God had everything arranged so that Joseph would be second after Pharaoh and would feed the whole family. All suffering will bear fruit in that difficult stage in your life. All suffering God will use to bear fruit of glory. Many times we have to pay the price of suffering in order to move forward in areas of our lives.

3 Paul was willing to suffer for his churches because they misunderstood, acted carnally, sometimes misunderstood the Scriptures, etc., but Paul wanted everyone to be converted to Christ. He carried them in his prayers, sincerely asking God for them as his spiritual children. Jesus said if anyone wants to follow me, take up your cross and follow me. Every day we have to die in the flesh. We must bear witness beyond the mistreatment and serve with love those who hate us and the name of the Lord will be glorified.

4 The three Hebrews were thrown into the fiery furnace so that God’s name might be glorified. Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, God delivered them in the midst of the fiery furnace. Can
that you are in a burning fire, but God will help you. They were willing to give their lives, to pay the price for the name of God to be glorified, the result was that even King Nebuchadnezzar had to recognize the power and majesty of the God of Israel, and even passed a law that said that everything whoever spoke ill of their God, should die. Many times you pay a price but the result is wonderful. Only God can perform miracles.

5 The early Christians suffered persecution so that the truth might advance. God in his perfect plan allowed the Church of the first century to suffer persecution, it was also the price that had to be paid, so that the Word of God would be fulfilled that they would go to preach in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. Many times we will not understand God’s plan at the time, but in time we will be able to understand why.
God allowed such a circumstance in our lives, we will be able to see the whole picture and trust that God had everything prepared for our blessing and the blessing of those around us.

6 John was taken into captivity on the island of Patmos and there received revelation from God. paid a high price to receive the book of Revelation. There are parents who spend a lot of time interceding in prayer for their children to convert, but in the end you see the fruit of that price that was paid on your knees, I tell you, you are going to pay a price, but trust that God is in control. There is no promised land without first going through a desert, there is no promised land if there is no giant to overcome because everything that God has for us has a price.

7 To finish, I want to tell you that Christ suffered for our sins in order to bring us to God. The highest price ever paid is the one Jesus made on the cross of Calvary, suffering for our sins in order to bring us to God. He willingly gave his life. There is no more love than this: to give your life for another person.

I hope that for the sake of Christ you are willing to pay the price. God will reward and bless you.

Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

Blessed start to the week.

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