by Jan 8, 2024

For behold, the winter has passed, It has moved away, the rain is gone; The flowers have been shown on the earth, The time of song has come, And in our country the voice of the turtledove has been heard.

Song of Solomon 2:11-12

A new year! Today is a perfect day to start again, start new projects, set new goals. A Year has begun where everyone, or at least the majority, has organized their new calendar. Some have projected themselves economically and have begun to see how they can make their economy grow, others have projected themselves to the social level and have already begun to delete and add new friends to their lists. Of course, those who want to look slimmer have already begun to look for new diets and join different gyms. Housewives have started changes in their home, students have bought new notebooks, packages, pencils, workers threw away their old calendar all lined up, a new year has begun! You know why? Because there is something special in us in which we are totally programmed by God to accept each new beginning with joy, with contentment since each beginning is a new opportunity for changes.

Our Lord allows us a new opportunity to reflect on our successes and failures. In the same way that Solomon expresses in the Song of Him, there is a time for everything in our life, the winter has passed, the rain has moved, the flowers have appeared and the time of song has come.

You can’t cry all your life for something that has already happened; perhaps the death of a dear family member, perhaps the loss of your job, possibly the loss of a good friend. Life has its ups and downs which touch us deeply in our emotions and make us stagger.

Today I come to show you a path of excellence, and it is the path of changes. A new beginning gives you the opportunity to go to another level, or to change the previous chapter of your life. Of course to begin with this new opportunity that God gives us, first of all we must be optimistic. We must break old habits and addictions, we must begin with positive thoughts and attitudes, above all we must begin to declare the spiritual blessings that the Lord has promised upon us and our families.

In Lamentations 2:22, the prophet Jeremiah encourages us with the news that God’s mercies are new every morning; Therefore it is time to take a step forward in what God has for you. You can’t stop along the way to think about what you couldn’t do, what you lost, what they did to you, many unrealized expectations and plans; It’s time for new opportunities.

In Psalm 40 we can read that the psalmist went through great affliction in his life, however he expressed that God had put a new song in his mouth, praising our God and concludes by saying “many will see this and will fear and trust in Jehovah.” . Many who have seen you go through the pit of despair through your testimony and your trust in Jehovah will also be able to give glory and honor to the Lord that you preach.


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