To the Ends of the Earth: Week 4

by Jun 24, 2024

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Key Verse:
“But Saul was ravaging the church, and entering house after house, he dragged off men and women and committed them to prison. Now those who were scattered went about preaching the word.” – Acts 8:3-4

The Church Preached Despite Growing Opposition:
In the verses we read in Acts 8, we see how the early church faced great opposition. Saul, before his conversion, fiercely persecuted Christians. Despite this, the church did not stop preaching. This reminds us that when we encounter opposition in our faith, we must remain steadfast and continue sharing the message of Christ. Opposition can be a sign that we are on the right path and can strengthen our resolve and faith.

Greater Persecution Leads to Greater Spread of the Gospel:
Persecution caused believers to disperse to different regions, and with them, they brought the gospel. This expansion of Christ’s message did not happen in spite of the persecution but because of it. God can use even the most adverse circumstances to fulfill His purpose. This encourages us to see difficulties not as insurmountable obstacles, but as opportunities for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

The Power of God is for Testifying:
In Acts 8:6-8, we see how Philip, filled with the Holy Spirit, performed signs and miracles in Samaria, leading many to faith. God’s power is manifested not just for our personal edification, but so that we can testify to His greatness and draw others to Him. Every gift and miracle is a tool to proclaim the gospel and show God’s love to the world.

Be Sensitive to the Voice of the Holy Spirit in Divine Moments or Encounters:
In Acts 8:26, an angel of the Lord speaks to Philip and gives him specific instructions on where to go. Philip obeyed without question, which led to the encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch, who received the gospel and was baptized. We must be attentive and sensitive to the direction of the Holy Spirit. God guides us to specific situations and people to share His love and truth. It is crucial to be willing and prepared to act according to His guidance.

God Uses Ordinary and Simple People to Preach:
Philip was not one of the most prominent apostles, but God used him powerfully. This teaches us that God does not only seek the most eloquent or well-known individuals but uses ordinary and simple people who are willing to be used by Him. Each of us can be an instrument in God’s hands, regardless of our background or apparent abilities. What matters is our willingness and obedience.

Pastor Guillermo AyalaBible Passage:
Acts 8:3-26


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