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by Jan 3, 2023

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We turn the page to 2022, it’s gone and 2023 is coming, if there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that God is going to be with us, I can’t predict your economy between now and the end of the year, we don’t know how we’re going to end 2023 either, but we will What we do know is that God is with us, our life is built on the rock called Jesus Christ, the word says that this Rock is unshakable, he is the same yesterday, today and forever.

In the book of Isaiah we find the passage that says: “always trust in the Lord, for he is your eternal Rock”, your life depends solely on God, it depends on the purpose that God has with our lives in this 2023 God has a new season for my life, and believe it in your heart, how nice it is to start the year believing that God is going to open new doors and paths for us, that he will put new people who will be a blessing. Maybe you have lost a family member but if he dies in Christ we will see him again because he is in his promise or maybe a friend or relatives moved away but I want to tell you that your life does not depend on people but on God and if those people are not there it is because a new season begins where they are not, it does not mean that these people are bad, do not wish them harm because they fought with you, be careful with that, you should not speak ill of those people either. In the book of Psalm he tells us that he is my rock, my fortress, my savior, my shield, my safe place.
Many times Saul chased David to kill him, but David always gave thanks to God because he protected him.
That in this 2023 do not think of turning away from God because you are already successful or because you have a house, remember that everything you have is by God’s mercy.

The Word tells us that one day we will all have to render an account before God, no one escapes this and that day we stand before the Lord, what are we going to tell him about our life? The Lord will ask you, what did you do with it? time that I gave you and with the resources that I gave you?
When we are on this earth, materialism can often dominate us and physical things are what the Lord teaches us to put in their place because they are difficult for us to handle, that is why when Jesus was tempted the devil offered him the kingdoms of this world, if prostrate adored him, but Jesus did not give in to the temptation of fame or riches, neither should we.
What we have to understand is that the material happens, but the spiritual is eternal, it does not expire, that car that you have in 10 or 20 years is already junk, houses have to be constantly renovated, it is never ending.
That is why Paul says forget everything that was left behind, God did not bring you here to go back but to walk forward, there is nothing behind that is worth staying there.
Look forward to what God has for you, believe God because a miracle is close to you and every day you are closer to what God has spoken and what he has said will be fulfilled.

How many times do we have to make sacrifices like: fasting, for something good, so let’s leave everything behind because God has a new mercy, as the Apostle Paul says, what lies ahead is where I am going to concentrate, so do not live on past glories , there is a new season and you should care about what God says about you, not people, learn from your mistakes, grow, God does not want you to be the same, but to grow..
If in Isaiah the Lord tells us that he is going to do something new and I have to appropriate it, it is for me.
That is why when the Lord frees us, he tells us, come to me, all the heavy-laden and labored, and I will make them rest.
The Lord is going to make his way in the desert, God is with you, do not be afraid of what he will bring tomorrow, the hurricane may come, but we must be confident that our life is in God’s hand.

When we fast it is a very strong and powerful spiritual weapon. Fasting is humiliating ourselves and acknowledging that we need God, if I don’t want to acknowledge that I need God and that I have to change, when someone tells you that you have to change: you get angry, be careful, fasting is to tune in with the Lord and recognize that we need God in our life, so that he transforms us, forms our character, bring everything that torments you to the feet of the teacher, he will help you. We cannot control things with human strength, but we will have to yield to the Holy Spirit to guide us in this new year.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

Philippians 3:13
Isaiah 43:18-19
Isaiah 26:4
Psalm 18:2


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