Why trust the bible?

by Jun 5, 2023

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How can we know that the Bible is reliable?
It is reliable because the Bible is the word of God. Because the Bible has neither season nor time, it transcends times and cultures, the Bible was made for the human being and inspired by God for each one of us.

What is and for what?
The Bible is unique in its kind and is the one that has transcended the most in history. It is the first printed book of all mankind. The Bible was made by men that God gave them wisdom to write and it is a book that is not like others. The term “Bible” means a collection of books, the Bible has 66 books and was written over a period of more than one thousand six hundred years and with different authors and languages and times, it maintains its unity and was written by men who were inspired by God, to teach us.. Writing is the main means by which God speaks to his people, how many want to hear the voice of God? Read the Bible from him.

The Bible speaks of the greatest love story; how God loves man. The Bible is a breath of life. In this process of inspiration, God did not annul the character of the author, he took into account and each one shaped his point of view according to each event and how they interpreted them. The four gospels that are: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell us about the life of Jesus, his ministry, miracles, etc. The means that God provided to save mankind. Through the Bible is that we can know God, his Son Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit.

Paul wrote to Timothy that the times they were living in were difficult, people would become more selfish, more arrogant and unwilling to know the things of God, and guided by their own desires, but Paul told him: “That He was different because since he was little he had received the word of God and was firm in his convictions”.

When Jesus chose his disciples, they were people who were allowed to teach. The Holy Spirit brings conviction of sin so that we are right with God.

In the Bible we find amazing miracles, when Jesus walks through the waters, Jonah in the fish’s mouth, when he multiplies the loaves and fish, what is written in the Bible is true. The reliability and relevance of the Bible, although the years pass and this will be until Christ comes.

The Bible is inspired by God to transform the heart of man.
In the Bible it tells us that we are clay in the hands of the potter, and if we make a mistake, God brings us back to the path because He has a perfect plan for each one. As we grow in God we receive revelation from him. The Bible is God’s voice for your life. I want to encourage you and at the same time challenge you that when you open the Bible, do it with the intention of hearing the voice of God for your life. Ask the Holy Spirit: “Holy Spirit, you want to speak to me through this passage.” Spend more time in Scripture, watch less news, less entertainment, less social media, and your life will have a wonderful impact.

May the Lord bless you.

Sincerely: Pastor Guillermo Ayala

2 Timothy 3:14-17


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