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During these four weeks we are going to be meditating and we thank God for the fact that Jesus left his throne of glory to come in obedience to the Father to give his life as a sacrifice for each one of us.

This prophetic word was given to the people of Israel in a time of darkness and oppression, a time of financial difficulties. This word said: because a child is born to us, he has given us a son, and his name will be called: Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah gives this word to a people that is in darkness, the people of God were waiting for the Messiah who came to free them from the oppression they were living, but God not only wanted to free them physically but also from the slavery of sin .
The Lord was saying that he was going to solve man’s problem, and this problem is being separated from God because it means that there is no life, and if we are not with Jesus there is eternal damnation.

In Hebrew “Péle” means admirable, beyond understanding and knowledge or what we can imagine. “Péle” is something too wonderful to describe in words.

His thoughts are higher than my thoughts and his ways are higher than mine.

“Yeuts” means: advisor, is a person who instructs or guides from a position of authority. The Lord is our counselor who guides us in life, that is our admirable God and counselor, and who is willing to guide us to freedom in Christ Jesus.
Jesus is the Messiah and all the miracles that Jesus did began with a problem or a need, the first miracle he did was to turn water into wine at a wedding in Canaan.

Jesus came for those who have problems, he did not come to boast of his power, on the contrary in some cases he asked that they not tell anyone.

Jesus’ mission was to reconcile man with God, but when there was a problem there was Jesus.

When Jesus went with the disciples in the boat and the storm began, Jesus said to him: “save us”, and Jesus freed them from that storm, he ordered the winds to calm down and the disciples said: and who is this that even the winds obey him?

Jesus wants you to be completely honest in front of him.
Today the Lord asks you, do you want to be healthy, do you want to get out of there, because the Lord wants us to go before him so that he can solve our problems and that we be completely sincere.
The problems of the soul are the most difficult to treat because there is no consulting room, and the only one who can solve it at the root is Jesus Christ.

1 God wants to heal your problem at the root.
Jesus said to the paralytic: do you want to be healed? and he answered him, Lord, I have no one to put me in the pool but Jesus was not asking him that, however, Jesus told him: “take up your bed and walk”, and instantly he was healed.

2 Our problems come from a separation from God
Before coming to Christ our lives were governed by the flesh and we walked under our criteria, when we lived in the world and we thought it was good, but when we are in Christ and we live according to the word that is Christ our problems continue because we have not yet been transformed into glory but Jesus comforts us and accompanies us in these processes to give us a teaching.

3 How to respond to that offer and invitation that God makes us.
Being honest with God and telling him the truth. Expressing to God: “I can no longer carry this load and I come before your presence to deliver it to you and that you help me carry it.”

Jesus knows everything and despite our weaknesses he decides to love you.
Jesus makes me feel safe because I know that I am safe in the hands of God, he makes me feel confident because at some point I can fail God, but I know that I can come confidently before his throne through the merits of your son Jesus Christ who died in the cross of Calvary.

The lord has the last word and he frees us from slavery.

Atte Pr. Guillermo Ayala

Isaiah 9:6
John 5:1-9
Hebrew 4:12-16


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