The Glory Of Christmas

by Dec 28, 2022

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In these times when the Church celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, culture is taking charge of distorting the true meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When the Angel appeared to the shepherds, he communicated: “Today a Savior, who is Christ Jesus, has been born.” When the angels went to heaven, the shepherds went to see what the Lord had told them, and when they went, they saw the child and made known what they had been told about him.
Glory to God in the highest was the message from the multitude of angels.

When a multitude of angels came from heaven, the message they gave was: “Glory to God in the highest.” Isaiah, being in the presence of the Lord, has a vision of the throne of God and he says “Woe to me, I am a dead man.”
What did Isaiah see? The Glory of God, no one can see his glory and stay alive because his power is too much, it is supernatural.
In Revelation he says that angels and archangels praise God saying: “Holy is the Lord.”
when we worship God we join that army of angels who worship God.

The Bible teaches us that we have to long to live there. The angels show us that we have to give glory to God.
And He wants us not to lose focus from seeing him to live a life of praise and worship.
The glorious God left his throne to come to this earth to save us and have eternal life, that sacrifice is what Christmas represents.
The Scripture expresses that: Jesus Christ came into the world to give us eternal life, and it describes to us that the final judgment will come and the only way to save us is by having Jesus in our hearts.

God did not send his son into the world to condemn it but so that the world might be saved.
Peace on earth, Jesus came for man to be reconciled with God because man was in disobedience since Adam and Eve
The God that we have is a God of peace, God wants us to live to please him; the gospel message is the offer to say come to Jesus today.
God loves us so much that he sent his son to die for us, even though we were dead in sin but he came to give us life and by his grace we are saved, there is nothing we can do to save ourselves other than believing in the grace of Jesus.

That is why we must bless him, because there would be no salvation if he had not come, but today is the day of reconciliation.
The great news of the nativity of Jesus Christ is that the Savior has been born, the glory of Christmas is contained in the act of love that Jesus did for us

Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

Luke 2:8-20
Isaiah 6
Revelation 4


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