Jesus the Light of the World.

by Mar 28, 2023

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We are looking at the Gospel of Saint John where we see the Seven signs in the Gospel which point to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ is the light of the world.

As Jesus passed through the place, he saw this blind man and healed him, then his disciples asked him: “Who sinned his or her parents?”, And he answered them: “no one sinned.” Because before there was a belief that if something happened to you it was because someone had sinned but remember Job’s friends.
Jesus tries to communicate that sin is not the root of this disease, in reality, it is just a disease. We are in a world that is the product of man’s fall in the Garden of Eden due to his disobedience. It is because of sin death entered the world, disease entered and it was not what God had designed for us. We are all exposed to getting sick, in fact, if we do not have the correct theology, these types of questions and reasoning can come to us: “Why did this disease come to me, what am I doing wrong or what sin is causing it? , I do not see in any way the result that I am asking for, praying and fasting.

Some people like to pry into the lives of others just to point out their sins, and that is wrong, it is the Spirit that brings conviction of sin but what can be done is bring them to the Church and let the Lord do his work. The Bible says that whoever does that and reconciles a person with God covers a multitude of faults.
Many people question the sick, and want to judge their lives to find out if they are in sin and tell them that is why. This brothers is not right, we are not judges, we are only intermediaries between Jesus and the people so that they know him.

The Bible says in Romans that all of us who love God all things work together for good.

A case of a boy who was born without his limbs (neither arms nor legs) comes to mind. His name is Nick Vujicic, now he is a tremendous preacher and a missionary, but at the moment he was born his parents asked why? Moments passed very painful and will have passed through the path of shadow and death.

You could also be going through this situation of why if I serve you I feel that things are getting more complicated, and there is only one reason: the Glory of God wants to manifest itself in that place and in your life. There is a reason why the enemy also rises up against those who want to serve God is because he does not want you to work for God, but everything works for the good. This helps us to rest in God. Whatever we are going through will help us for good and God has full control of our lives, even if it is a long illness, it is purpose, he is surely working in your life and forming character.

God has a purpose for our life, the religious leaders were nervous because they were losing status due to the popularity of Jesus, and everyone followed Jesus, and they saw him as an enemy, they were the teachers of the law, but now someone was coming that with the Power of God; he showed signs that no one had ever been able to do. These religious were more concerned that a paralytic would carry his stretcher on Saturday instead of rejoicing that he was healthy because they were not interested in seeing the work of the people and just wanted to follow their rites and their rules, in such a way that the faithful followed to Jesus. People were being healed and they were being free, we must let this Gospel change our lives and our entire formation. You are a follower of Jesus.

Notice that the Lord multiplied the loaves and fishes because he was going to speak that he was the Bread of Life, and now he gives sight to a blind man, and now he begins to refer to I am the Light. They were signs, they spoke of Him, it was the Word made flesh who dwelt among us and therefore the power of God flowed through Him.
Jesus said that it is necessary to do the works that he sent me while the day lasts.
In verse 5 he tells us: “I am the Light of the World”, Revelation tells us that the Lamb of God is the light.
In 1 John he tells us that we are children of light because Jesus is the Light of the World.
Jesus said: “I am, I am the Way, the Life, I am the bread of Life and the Light of the World”, among others this refers to Him, but in the case of the Light it applies to us, remember when Jesus told his disciples you are the light of the world.
Brother, turn on the light that is in you, because darkness is everywhere, Satan wants to spread his Philosophy and spread a world of darkness. We are called to counteract the darkness with the light of Christ, the beauty of this is that when there is light, the trembling disappears. Because darkness is nothing more than the absence of light.
Christ changed the circumstance or the suffering to transform his life and glorify himself in Him. So many years without being able to see, but Jesus did the miracle and now he sees. Jesus came to bring healing and rest to everyone who needs it.
Jesus never promised us that he was going to take away all the problems in our lives, Jesus made it very clear, in the world they will have afflictions but do not fear because I have overcome the world, God did not deliver Sadrac, Mesac, and Abed-negotiation from fiery furnace, but he was there in the middle of that furnace to take care that they did not get burned.

Christ is the resurrection and the life.

What are the signs for? they are for God to glorify himself in.

When do we cry out for the Lord’s help? When we are afflicted, when we feel alone or someone played a trick on us, and the Lord does not leave us, how can we not give our lives for love of Him if he gave himself up for us without deserving it?

Jesus said that this disease is not for death, did Lazarus die? Yes, but he was resurrected, but then he dies again.
Nowadays nothing amazes us anymore because man has created the defibrillator, and if his heart stops they put these electrical voltages on you so that you can live again and if not CPR resuscitation course. Even with all this you must remember that the only one who can assure you an eternal life is Jesus, follow Him at all times.
Whatever circumstance you are going through you must glorify God. You can say: In my life I give you glory, as praise says: “praise God if he is crying, praise him, in the test he praises”, and that is what it is about always giving glory to God.

Jesus was told that Lazarus was sick, but Jesus’ delay had a purpose. When Jesus arrived and found out that Lazarus had died, Jesus wept, and Martha told him that she had already been in the tomb for four days and Jesus told Martha: “I have not told you if you believe you will see the glory of God.”

Brother believe God, man, woman believe God, if Jesus raised Lazarus he can resurrect what is dead in your life and let the light enter your life again.
Jesus cried out in a loud voice, and called Lazarus: “come out”, and seeing that Lazarus rose from the dead and covered in bandages, the disciples were in charge of removing the bandages and leaving him in condition so that he could walk and we see there the hand of God
It shows that Jesus loved this family, he knew Martha, Mary, they were people close to him, the time it took Jesus to arrive was the purpose of giving life.
The Resurrection only points to Jesus because he is the way and the life, Jesus is never late.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

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Romans 8:28
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