Joy is Found in Knowing God

by Feb 27, 2023

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1) There is joy in finding wisdom.

We all walk in search of happiness, that’s why we fall in love and make friends, but only in God do we find happiness. The book of Proverbs truly teaches us that the beginning of Wisdom is the fear of God and it is not a human Wisdom that we can learn in the university; This wisdom comes from above, it is pure, peaceful and kind that helps us to live life as God wants us to live.

If you are looking for joy and happiness in other things, you will find temporary and fleeting joy.
He who finds wisdom obtains intelligence. We have to move and read the word of God to find wisdom, he who trusts in Jehovah is blessed.
In these passages we see that they tell us happy is the man who finds wisdom, the Bible tells us to learn to live wisely with your spouse, marriage is not about one doing or imposing something if the two do not agree.

In Proverbs he tells us: “A happy heart beautifies the face”, it is also knowing God in another way, Christianity is not religious but a relationship with God that will transform your being. Everyone who has had an encounter with God can see the change. What was Jesus doing when they talked about him? He kept on walking, but our tempers are already rising and we forget that we are Christians.

2) It is knowing God in such a way that it affects your life.

In the book of Santiago he says: “ask for wisdom and it will be given to you”, God makes no exception for people, with all our wisdom we are destroying our planet, man cannot govern himself.

Brother, if you can be trained in any area, that is great for reinventing yourself.
The scripture says that Wisdom, understanding and everything points to the knowledge of God.
Jesus wants us to learn to live life well. Life must be enjoyed and we must be grateful to God. In Santiago he tells us: “consider great joy, joy, knowing that trials produce patience and faith.”

God always gives us the meaning to live.

3) Knowing him better trusts him more and that brings you joy

The Lord will always be there for you and is in control of everything, this tells us in Isaiah that: “He will help me and sustain me with his right hand”, and that means that He will always be there for me. Our life is deposited in Almighty Christ who is in control of the entire world economy.
God sustained an entire nation when they were in the desert, he made water sprout from a rock and manna fell from the sky and their clothes did not age nor did their shoes for 40 years, that God is encouraging us to trust.

When someone asks you how are you? may your answer be blessed because God has already blessed you with the Blessings of the Celestial Regions. In trials is when we know God more and our joy will not depend on external things, joy comes from within and I recognize that he continues to be the same today and forever. He does not change, he has everything under control, trust Him as the best Father we can have loving eternal God.

How many of us sometimes work 7 days a week, and we don’t give time to God? And many times illnesses come from fatigue and we see that all the extra money you could earn has gone to medicines, that’s why we must rest and trust in God. And he shares what he has, that’s good, giving is better than receiving.

Always rejoice, imagine a marriage that does not speak. What would they be like? And neither makes the effort to get to know the other better, but when they are getting to know each other and dating they are in love and have no words. Imagine meeting someone and they are always on the cell phone… you wouldn’t choose them as a couple, would you? However, several Christians are like this, if you want to know God in depth you have to read the word and scrutinize it because if we do not seek the Lord in this relationship you will seek it in earthly idols.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

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