Justified by faith alone

by Apr 24, 2023

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We’re ok?

What is it that makes us be right with God? Everyone wants to be right with God and we strive to be good people.
Between couples, between friends, in any relationship we can have discussions and at the end of that discussion we want to know if we are okay and we ask: are we okay? Human beings want to be right with God, but we are very changeable and we are constantly in that fight. When we approach God we want to know what we have to do to be right before God.
God wants us to be in continuous communion with him. The Bible says that every Spirit that confesses that Jesus died and rose again is the spirit of God.

We are justified through Christ. The completion of “Justification” can be defined as the judicial act by which based on the meritorious work of Christ and through faith, God declares absolved of sin, freed from its penalty and declared just. This is what Christ did for us.

If you sin, you ask for forgiveness and you make a circle of this and you don’t go out. You have to understand that God’s grace is not to be abused, God forgives us but the consequences of our bad acts will still come. How can we do to sin less? Reading the Bible, scrutinizing the word and maintaining a constant relationship with our creator in prayer. This is something wonderful. Constant communion brings with it fruits that are beneficial to our lives.

It is not what we can do, but who we believe in that justifies us.

Paul affirms and declares that it is not what we do but who we believe in that justifies us. Justified is the opposite of condemned and justified is to be forgiven. In other words your charge was removed or forgiven, you are innocent. We know that we do not deserve God’s forgiveness, but that is why it is called God’s grace, and it is on this grace that we must stand.
When people get married and promise themselves in front of the altar: how many of those promises are broken? And those pacts end in separation or divorce… That’s how human beings are, our love is conditioned: “I love you if you do the things that I like it, I love you if you do what I like.” This is selfish love, but the love that God gives us expects nothing in return.

If you have God in your life, you have love to give to others, the Bible says: “giving as we receive and sowing as we reap”, and God had to give us his son, the most valuable thing he could give us, and that is why we cannot take it lightly. We all like gifts and when they are unexpected more, that is the gift from God to us but many times we underestimate the gift of our God which is the life of our Lord Jesus Christ for all our sins.

You can be the most important or richest person in the world, but if you don’t have Jesus, you lack everything. Jesus is the one who gives us the meaning of living and gives us the purpose on this earth to be a blessing. Good works do not save us but the works were reserved for us to walk in them, so that we can walk in good works after having been saved by faith, those works reflect the repentance you had and that you put your Faith in Jesus.

Justification means that, in Christ, although we are actually sinners we are not under condemnation.
All other religions have requirements for things people have to do to get to God but the gospel of Christ is unique. God has already done everything, everything is done here, receive it as a thank you, just believe in him, repent and live in the teachings of Christ.

If we only apply the teaching that Jesus told us: “treat others as you would like to be treated”. The golden rule, if you want to be treated well, do it first, and if you like to be treated as a friend, treat others as a friend.

To believe in God I have to believe in Christ. When we put our faith in God we begin to live a life in superabundance. We have to identify so much with Jesus that when God looks at us, he does not see a sinful human but sees his son Jesus living in our hearts.

If God took Jesus out of the way and he looked at me, he would tell me: “You are destitute of my Glory”, but he looks at me through Jesus; that he is my lawyer and defender. Jesus tells the Father: “I paid the price of his guilt, I paid the price of his condemnation, and for this reason I can approach with confidence.

When in the story of the prodigal son, he squandered all his goods, he said: “I am going to return to my father’s house and become a day laborer, it doesn’t matter, I know I will have a coat, I am going to ask him for forgiveness”, and when he was arriving The father was waiting for him at his house, and this father goes out to meet his son. It is touching that the Father hugs him and kisses him. The Father cared that this son was dead, and now he lives. He ordered a party to be held because his son had returned, and he ordered the fattest calf to be killed. We are that prodigal son.

Jesus loves us and gave himself up for us so that we can be saved through faith in him.

Jesus did not come for the temples, He came for the people and that is what interests Jesus.
He told us: “Go and preach the gospel to every creature”, Jesus loves us and gave himself up so that we may be saved in faith, in him. The gospel does not have labyrinths, Jesus is the only way and it is well marked. This path leads us to God, it is a direct way to be right with God. The Christian who sins has to repent and not be sinning deliberately.

The Holy Spirit will be convicting you of sin, one of the functions of the Holy Spirit is to convict. When a Christian sins the Spirit there, he immediately goes to work and tells you: “what you are doing is not right”, and one has to repent.

Confess and turn away from sin so that you may reach God’s mercy and forgiveness. Get out of sin. Everyone who rejects Jesus will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and it is the same unbelief that he condemns, God gave everyone the opportunity but it is only for those who believe in Jesus, they will be saved.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

  • Galatians 2:15-21
  • Roman 4:6-8


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