The Crucifixion of Jesus

by Apr 3, 2023

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We continue with our series of the 7 signs of Jesus in the Gospel of Saint John.
These signs tell us about what Christ did to transform this world.

This time we will talk about the Crucifixion.

When Jesus was developing his ministry, people were healed and transformed but there was a group of people who did not receive these miracles and they were angry with Jesus because they were being left out of the picture. Jesus was taking a very important role, the Pharisees and other groups had decided to make a plot against Jesus.

Knowing all this, Jesus went to Jerusalem to fulfill everything that was written about the Messiah.

The burden that Jesus carried for us before reaching this part of his life is so great that his drops of perspiration were like drops of blood and he said to the Father: “if you can take this cup from me, but Lord, let it not be that I want but that it is your will”

Jesus did not spare his own life to give us life and the opportunity to be saved; there is a God who is holy and just who does not accept bribes, but in heaven you will not be able to enter bribing with money, you will not enter heaven by believing that we are good people because none of them meets God’s standards 100% %, only our Lord Jesus Christ could do it.

In the Bible it says because we sin we are destitute of the Glory of God but for that the son of God appeared to destroy the works of the devil and he loved us in such a way that he sent his only begotten son so that everyone who believes in him will not lose more have eternal life.

Jesus shed his blood for us to cleanse our sins, we must be aware that the punishment he received is what we would have had to receive. Jesus took away the evil of the whole world, he defeated death and that is why we are here today but only the one who believes and confesses that Jesus is Lord but lives according to what He commanded us is the one who will be able to reach the kingdom of God, he came to give us life and life in abundance so that we can live this life with Jesus and the result of his death paradoxically is life.

Every day we must become more like him, and how do we manage to become more like Jesus? Being in the Word and Prayer, learning from it, gathering together so as not to do life alone, but being shepherded and also supported by other Christian leaders, who help us on this journey.

Jesus comes once again to this earth and comes as the Lion of Judah and comes to establish his kingdom and there will be no more sickness or sadness and today we remember his resurrection. Jesus is eternal life and we must patiently wait for his coming.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

John 12:12-36


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