The Law points us to Christ

by May 1, 2023

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We are standing because the Lord has raised us up. The Bible says that it is he who raises our head when we are sometimes overwhelmed, downcast or stressed.

  • The law in the Old Testament.

The Old Testament gives us a perspective of what life was like before Jesus Christ. The law, and the law showed the will of God. This law reflected God’s love and care for his people, the Law is good, it taught us what we should do to please God.

It was a series of laws that governed the people, do you remember when the law said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth? That was what the law said, but. Jesus said: love your enemies and do not repay evil with evil.

The law was to demonstrate the will of God, for example, 6 days you will work and the seventh you will rest and dedicate it to the Lord. If you don’t rest you will collapse. You need rest, it is from God’s wisdom for your life.

How many times does love overflow and we are not doing so well because we put our love in a car, and we worked hard to get it, but in an accident everything can be damaged and you will feel your heart break, because your heart was there, but the Lord He tells you: “You shall love the Lord with all your heart”, when we put God first, he will do something beautiful in our life and our life on earth will make sense.

Human beings tend to do what we are told not to do, for example speed limit. From the beginning the Lord told Adam and Eve you can eat everything but not from this tree, the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God knows everything and our hearts that no matter how much we say: “I won’t do this again”, we will do it again. But God knows us and that is why it is called: “Grace”. We don’t deserve it, but God gives it to us.

Jesus was the only one who fully fulfilled the law, He always fulfilled the law. The Galatians knew they had received the Holy Spirit when they believed by faith. It was not by obeying the Law. Paul had to remind them: “Sirs, you received the Holy Spirit when it was preached to you and by faith you received it, you did not have to do nothing the Law told them they had to do.” Today many people feel insecure in their faith, and this is a problem.

Think for a moment if you died today… Are you right with the Lord and sure of your salvation? the vast majority of people when asked this are left thinking because they do not feel safe based on their behavior. The Galatians felt insecure and wanted to get closer to God through rules. Prayer, the study of the Word, service can help us grow but can never take the place of the Holy Spirit in our life, the Spirit is the one who gives us life, the Spirit is the one who reveals us and has a space in our life that no one can fill it in our hearts.

It is by the Holy Spirit that we can understand the Bible. The Lord Jesus Christ preached simple and clear, although profound, so that everyone could understand.

You have to have faith to please God. Paul was hoping that the Galatians would see Jesus as the foundation of his Faith.
The Holy Spirit gives you a special power to live for God. Do not trust in your strength, trust in the Lord who will give you strength to achieve that task and carry it out, to be able to withstand temptation and be firm on the day of trial.
Difficult moments and illness will come to all of us, and if we trust in our own strength we will faint, that is why we must rest in the power of the Holy Spirit who is the one who gives us Power and strength in our weaknesses. When you are going through problems, what you have to do is seek the Lord, as it is written in Acts 1:8, it says: “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.” He is our comforter and counselor, he is with us all the days of our lives. Do not grieve for what tomorrow will bring.

  • Grace has always been the way God acts

Because before the law came, God showed his grace to a man named Abraham, before the law came with Moses.
God showed his grace with Abraham, and says that Abraham was justified by faith, not by works, and with Abraham an entire nation was founded because he believed God to such an extent that he did not spare the life of his son from death. promise named Isaac, that it had cost him to have it. He had it in old age, if someone were told to give up one of your children, it is terrible to give it up, but Abraham was willing and she was his only son. When the Lord was about to sacrifice him: “Abraham told him stop”, now I see that you fear my name. Genesis 12:3 In you all the families of the earth will be blessed. But is it saying in the seed of Abraham and who was the seed? Christ.

When the devil said we have already killed Jesus, we are done, we have already won, but he did not count that Jesus was going to rise again on the third day and there the victory is given total, Genesis 3;15 is the first messianic reference that is given as they pointed to Jesus Christ. It points us to Christ.

  • Circumstances may change, but God remains constant and does not break his promises.

How we live in the Church is not the same as it was before 50 years ago, circumstances can change, times too, but what does not change is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He changes the life of man, he is the only one who can transform the life of an evil and perverted being into a transformed human being for the glory of God. God did so with each of us.
Circumstances may change, but God remains constant, he is faithful to his promises and does not break them. Although the promises may take time, he trusts in the promises of God.

Luckily God is not like us one day we are on the mountain of victory and the next we are in the valley of shadow and despair.
The world teaches you to focus on yourself, that you can and you feel empowered. The truth is that we cannot, when they teach us only to trust ourselves they teach us a deception, it is what Paul was preaching: “gentlemen, do not trust yourselves because you are not going to make it”, that is why the message of the Gospel tells us teaches not to trust in ourselves but in Christ.

Jesus said: if you, being evil, know how to give good things to your children, how much more will our Heavenly Father give good things to those who ask him. When something bad happens to you, don’t be mad at God because God doesn’t give bad things. There is no evil in him. When there was no wine at the wedding in Cana, Jesus made the best wine in history. Paul makes it clear that the law cannot save anyone. This makes it very clear to us, that you are not saved by what you do only; we are saved by the Faith and Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We have to share the message of Grace.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala.

  • Galatians 3:15-29
  • Genesis 3:15
  • Acts 1:8
  • Genesis 12:3


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