The Legacy of a Father

by Jun 20, 2023

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God has given us Parents a very important task, and it is a task very similar to that of an architect in the lives of our children, remember that we as Parents sow seeds in our children that will later bear fruit.

He never stops being a Father.

Paul reminded his son Spiritual Timothy of the character of Christ or the pattern of Jesus.
The Lord said: “Learn from me that I am meek and humble of heart”, meekness has to do with the fruit of the Holy Spirit and helps us manage the temperament that we have.

Children help us form. The Lord was patient and considered Paul a son, who was a persecutor of Christians and that is God’s mercy.
Most of us had a hard time coming to the feet of Christ. God has a wonderful plan with you and your children. The Lord waits for the opportune moment to speak to us and to be able to impact our offspring.
Children are vulnerable but we as parents help our children in their training and we must dedicate time to them.

Who rules your house?
Women and Men have to be responsible in our home, and this will make our children subject to authority.
We must teach them to choose well and what is right until the time comes for us to be only their guides or advisers.
Timothy needed to see Paul’s examples; that’s how our children are when they see us work in the Ministry and secularly.

God trusts you
God trusts you and that is why he has entrusted your children to you, God will use each one with his talents and virtues.
We must be motivational for our children; helping them find God’s purpose for their lives. Just as Timothy needed Paul to be his example, our children need us.
The elderly or more experienced teach the younger ones with love if we are wrong, but God will never leave or forsake you. Let us be faithful in modeling our children in the Spirit of Christ.

Sincerely, Pastor Guillermo Ayala
Timothy 3:1-7
Timothy 1:15-17


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